Hello! I am Mulwi. I work as a web designer. I have passion for pixel perfect, minimal and easy to use interfaces. I’m focused, dedicated, hard-working and willing to learn in a changing and challenging environment.

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Web Designer

There is no limit with place and time to create. I love my job, this is my passion. All I need is my computer and cup of coffee.

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Morbi nec tincidu

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About Me

An engineer with several years of experience in the automotive industry, but also an artist and a creative soul. Out of love for jewelry, I tried to make it myself.
Citizen of the world by passion. I love packing my backpack and boarding the plane.
And I’m addicted to looking for cheap flights.

I like pretty things. One day I decided to learn something technical and creative at the same time. I appreciate aesthetics and beauty. So I started making websites. It was not so easy and fast. I studied a lot and I am still learning. I have a lot of fun creating websites. People tell me I have an analytical mind and I know I have the soul of an artist.

Soon there will be more information here, but so far I’m working a lot to make it as I wish.


UI Design

The process to build interfaces in software focusing on style and colors. The aim is to create interfaces which users find easy to use and enjoyable.

UX Design

Process to create products that provide positive experiences to users. This involves the aspects of branding, design, usability and function.


Onepages are perfect as business cards for a company or product. They are quite quick to make, but require proper content planning.


For more content that we want to put on the website, several subpages will be perfect. Such a design allows for a lot of creativity.

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My Prodcut

New Habits Gudie

Together with my sister we created something special. A New Habits Guide is ideal for everyone who want to practice a new, positive habits for live. Available on Amazon with special Notebook Habits Tracker.


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